To see pictures from these events please visit our 2017 photo gallery

Jan 6 Union Suit Party –  The Dock – monthly leather night

Jan 8 Hibernation Party – Tillie’s Lounge – Our first event. A fun night of Sistera, bears, and food… Oh my! Details on our events page

Jan 20 Bearded Drag Show – C&D – Court drag show benefitting the Cincinnati Sisters.  Many of the Sisters also performed.

Jan 21 Women’s March – Dowtown Cincinnati – Details on our events page

Jan 22 Kamikaze Pagaent – Cabaret – Court event. We were present to spread some joy and love

Feb 19 Drag Queen Boot Camp – Cabaret – organized by our Sister Empress, Molly Mormen, the Sisters gave a panel for aspiring drag queens about who we are and what we do.

Feb 22 Twin Cities Leather – Minneapolis – Sister Anna Mae Ceres had the pleasure of traveling to Minneapolis and manifesting with the Ladies of the Lakes.

Feb 25 Mardi Gras Party – Crazy Fox Saloon – Sister hosted Mardi Gras Party.  Details on our events page

Mar 24 Court Jock Auction – Old Street Saloon – We joined Sister Molly Mormen for her birthday as she hosted a court jock auction for their charities.

Apr 8 Pink Prom – Taft Theatre – The Sisters were volunteers for this year’s GLSEN prom.  We greeted attendees and brought joy to those there.

May 13 Mr. KY Sendoff – Louisville – Sister Anna Mae Ceres traveled to Louisville and manifested with the Derby City Sisters as they sent Mr. Ky Leather to IML.

May 13 Glammy’s – Cincinnati – An annual awards Gala in Cincinnati hosted by the Court.  The Sisters were nominated.

June 4 White Party – Tillie’s Lounge – A fun party we attended trying to bring white parties to Cincinnati.

June 11 ICK Coronation – Lexington – The Cincinnati Sisters we invites to attend the Court Coronation of Kentucky.

June 12 Cincinnati Orlando Vigil – Downtown – details on events page.

June 24 Pride Parade – Downtown – Details on our events page.

June 25 Last Supper – Tillie’s Lounge (Novice Project) – details on events page.

July 4 – 4th of July Parade – Northside – Our 2nd parade in a very short time. But what a wonderful time it was. We were even briefly spotlighted on the local news. “Ladies and Gentlemen…and Gentlemen who are Ladies!”

July 5 Pride on Main – Downtown – The Sisters helped with the annual “Drag Race”. A relay race between a couple of teams where each contestant had to throw on a quick drag outfit and run about 500 ft in heels.

July 21 Suicide is a Drag – NKU (Novice Project) – Details on our events page.

July 30 2nd Annual ICP Ball – Westin Hotel – Court event. A couple of the Sisters were able to attend and spread joy.

Aug 5 Mr. Gem City Bear – Argos Bar – Dayton – The Sisters were asked to come and give a blessing for the event.

Aug 13 LGBTQ Community Picnic – Echo Park – An afternoon picnicking with others in the LGBT community.

Aug 19-20 Mr. Cincinnati Leather – The Dock – The Sisters gave a blessing and Sister Anna Mae Ceres was one of the Tallymasters for the event.

Aug 25 – Luau Party – Old Street Saloon

Sept 8 Pride Night – Kings Island – A wonderful night spreading love and joy and holding on to our coronets while we rode all the roller coasters. Check out the photo from Banshee in the 2017 photo gallery. It’s the best thing ever.

Sept 15-17 Louisville Exequator – Louisville – A joyous occasion as the Derby City Sisters celebrated their elevation as a Fully Professed House of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Sept 16 Mr Ky Bourbon Bear – Crossings – Lexington – Sister Anna Mae Ceres traveled to Lexington during the Louisville Exequator to Emcee the Ky Bourbon Bear contest at Crossings Bar.

Sept 22 Leather Night – The Dock – Sister Delilah Doolittle from the Dallas Sister joined us for a night of leather and a jock auction.

Sept 23 Play Night Club – Louisville

Sept 30 Miss Old Street Pageant – Old Street Saloon – The Sisters attended the Miss Old Street Pageant.

Oct 7-8 ISQCCBE Coronation – Westin Hotel – The Sisters attended the Court Coronation again this year. Always a good time.

Oct 15  Out of the Darkness Walk – Downtown – The Sisters volunteered to give hugs and hear stories from those who were walking. This was a powerful event for us and for some helped to solidify just why we do what we do.

Oct 20 Leather Night – The Dock – Monthly Leather night

Oct 22 Glamping – Ceasar’s Creek Park – Not Manifested (Novice Project) – Details on our events page.

Oct 29 It’s All A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus – Tillie’s Lounge (Novice Project) – Details on our events page.

Oct 29 Miss Drag You Out Finale – Cabaret – Court Drag Show Pageant for females. Sister Anna Mae Ceres was asked to be one of the judges.

Nov 18 Tristate Leather Weekend – Millenium Hotel – Annual Tristate Leather contest. The Sisters, along with members from other regional houses gave a panel during Kink U about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The blessing for this years contest was comprised of all of the houses in the region.

Nov 27 – God Save the Queens – Below Zero – A charity event for two of our local drag queens who had befallen some medical issues.

Nov 29 Sisters Meet and Greet – Manifestorium and Facebook Live – Our 2nd Meet and Greet on Facebook Live (we didn’t manifest for our first one). A wonderful time answering questions from viewers and having a down right silly time.

Dec 1 Red Dress/Red Attire – Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati – 2nd Annual Court Hosted event to raise money for HIV/AIDS awareness

Dec 3 Queens for Recovery (GLAST) – Promises Newport – We were asked to give a blessing for this wonderful event for recovering addicts. The blessing was written by one of our Postulant Sisters, who is a recovering addict.

Dec 15 Twisted Toyland Court Show – Cabaret – A court Drag show. Sister Anna Mae Ceres was asked to perform.

Dec 22 Sister Gift Wrapping – Tillie’s Lounge – An event that was proposed and executed by one of our Postulant Sisters, Bearly Clearance. The Sisters wrapped gifts for donations for over 4 hours.