Minutes 010917

January 9, 2017 Minutes


members in attendance: 11 people 

Old business: 

Yay we’re all novices! woot woot! 

Rusty had the idea of going to women march on Washington event here in Cincinnati. interest? 

  • (its open to all and is free) 

Kamikaze event, Molly brought up that. fun event at the cabaret, good fundraiser. 

  • They need help of ALL kinds, look on our Facebook page for the event link. (its next Sunday!)

On Broadway closed, all the sadness, but it was a good night. 

  • *sad dick squeak* 
  • Tonka smuggled out champagne bottles in his pants…..girl. they were TIGHT pants.
  • Discussed being mindful that at events like the closing party where we are there to spread joy/entertainment we need to be social when manifested, we can’t bunch up together or hide out on back patios. Be as visible as possible at events. 

HibearNation was successful! golf claps for Bryan! 

  • It was discussed in reference to events like HibearNation that we should should provide food for the events we do ourselves but also to still not turn away any assistance from the venue, lesson learned. 
  • It was also brought to attention that the actual event named HibearNation noticed that we used their name. After explaining that it was a typo (><) we expressed to each other that little details like this need to be looked after moving forward as to not interfere with any copyrighted names. 
  • Cover your naughty bits when in face ;p don’t get too naughty with your giblets, girls. If you see it happening in our own house, then politely tell the sister you’re being a bit messy and that Jesus doesn’t love that. 


New Business: 

The Crazy Fox Saloon in Newport wants us to hold an event for Mardi Gras! (saturday night before fat tuesday. the 25th of february, saturday).

  • We are awaiting more information on this.
  • *dick squeak* 
  • Tonka will be getting in contact with organizers for us to do this years mardi gras parade. woo! (in Newport,KY) 

UNPC call nights were discussed and it was decided they are not mandatory to attend but there is a lot of info for us to gain by listening in as a group. so we are toying around with the idea of holding unofficial get together for everyone to join in on the call, but only our reps can speak when on the call! 

Discussed non sister related bonding times to start happening! 

The Facebook group was culled down to house members at this point and time, for the sake of the houses’ private page/sanctum.

  • (CHOP CHOP!) 
  • We will follow up with about house interest: Connie linguist, Dan Mess, Ginger Snaps-Clemons, Chad Evans, Travis Smith.
  • Tonka will touch base with them. 

We NEED to watch ourselves online when speaking to each other.

  • Tone is HARD to read online and we can always misread it. 
  • If there is a problem, lets take it private like adults. 
  • Communication is key. We must learn a healthy way to disagree when it arises.

Motion brought up to have a NEUTRAL mediator to step in for arguments so that they don’t come to negatively impact the house, if it can’t be handled by the affected parties first. 

  • Motion is to create said mediator position for these things in the future. 
  • Motion status: Carries *dick squeak* 
  • House positions to be discussed and voted tonight: 
  • Pres/Abbess: Bryan ~approved 
  • Vice/Co-Abbess: Tonka ~approved 
  • Secretary/Sexytary: Seth ~approved 
  • treasurer: Jacquelyn ~approved 
  • Positions for the future: 
  • Mistress of Novices: Undecided
  • Mistress of Propaganda: Undecided
  • These offices will be up for reelection after bylaws are done/approved and a committee will be formed to write our bylaws. 
  • the listed above are our officers. woo go us! 

Motion made to keep 15% of all monies raised during charitable events and the rest donated. 

  • Molly is the Second
  • Motion status: carried. 
  • *dick squeak* 

Seriously stop talking out of term. 

Committee for 501c3 bylaws is formed:

  • Chair: Tonka
  • Molly, Les, Mimi
  • Committee is to report back to house to have sections voted in as completed
  • *dick squeak* 

Pride Parade: 

  • Seth and Tonka will be attending next pride meeting to gather information and report back to house.
  • Are we gonna march? Beer booth? Volunteer? 
  • lets hear the ideas! 
  • Tabled until the next meeting when all Pride information is availible to the public.