11 October 2017 / 7:00 PM / Tsidas House

ATTENDEES Tonka, Wes, Zach, Zak, Ida, Alex, Rusty, Ida, Dorian, Tugger, Anna Mae, Molly, Jarrett, Kevin

VOTING MEMBERS CALL TO ORDER Meeting was called to order by Anna Mae Ceres at a7:35




Abbess – Anna Mae Ceres

  1. Coronets – Prototype presented. Has two buildings represented on it, Union Terminal and Great American Bldg. The base is on a baseball cap. Suggestion to move the veil down the back midway. Also, a cross hatch across the front with the white piping and across the outer edge with white piping. Tonka made the motion to accept, Jarrett seconded the motion. No further discussion, motion passed unanimously.
  2. Past Events
  3. ISQCCBE Coronation – Several Sisters attended the various events. Thank you to the LGBT Center for the tickets. $130 was earned in hospitality.
  4. Pride Night at Kings Island – Thank you to The LGBT Center for tickets.
  5. Derby City Sisters Exequatur – It was an enjoyable event by those who attended. Gave some ideas for the house to possibly pursue. Got additional ideas for Guards. Our Guards are going to have a Skype date with Rimya from the Derby City Sisters about Guards.
  6. KY Bourbon Bear Contest – Anna Mae was the Emcee.
  7. Upcoming Events
  8. Out of the Darkness Walk (10/15/2017 – Sawyer Point)
  9. Tristate Leather (11/17/2017 – 11/19/2019 – Millennium Hotel) – There will be other sister houses coming in for the event. The goal is to work with other houses during this event.
  10. Out of Town Manifestations – If we want to manifest out of town, we need to speak to the Mistress of Novices.


Co-Abbess – Tonkabelle

  1. Policy & Procedure Update – Completed draft has been uploaded to Facebook. As a reminder, this document is constantly evolving. Click on the document and add your suggestions. Tonka made a motion to accept the draft, Anna Mae seconded. During the discussion Tonka withdrew his motion. A second motion was made by Tonka to vote in seven days electronically, seconded by Tugger. It’s requested that people state that they read the Policy & Procedure manual.
  2. 501(c)(3) Update — Should be completed and placed in the mail this week to the IRS.
  3. Unified Look – Some houses have a “formal” look. Some sisters go out looking like traditional religious sisters. In a previous meeting, it was discussed of using a polka dot dress. A discussion of a cope/robe in red with a black border, with flying pigs and rope to tie between. Further discussion will be had at the next meeting.
  4. Glitter & magic – Sister Glitter is like Holy Water. At the Derby City Sisters Exequatur, there was sister glitter from all over the word as well as ashes from nuns from above. Tonka has a bag for primer to start our house glitter. Rusty has a jar that he will donate to hold the house glitter.
  5. Active & Non-active — tabled
  6. Elevation – mentioned earlier
  7. Guards — mentioned earlier


Secretary – Lustee Raw’ket

  1. Approval of Minutes – tabled
  2. Tonka made motion to open a PO Box, seconded by Jarrett. It will be a mutually centrally location.


Mistress of Novices – Charity Balls

  1. UNPC Call – it happened
  2. Aspirants / Postulants – If you have questions about those who have left the house. Please ask the MoN. Havoc has been voted in to move from aspirant to postulant.
  3. Current postulants are assigned to new sisters to learn contour. Business


Old Business

  1. None submitted


New Business

  1. Tristate Leather Blessing – Discussed earlier Nunsense Events
  2. Hocus Pocus Movie Night – Anna Mae will put a poll out on the Facebook for a date to hold the event.


Novice Projects

  1. Calendar – Anna Mae – Original project scrapped as a novice project. Proposes new project where Hocus Pocus is shown and an item drive for Caracole.
  2. Face Off – Charity Balls
  3. Camping – Molly Mormen – 10/21-22 at unknown location
  4. Prayer Cards – Shady – Modification of original plan. Now will write a prayer for each sister of the house. The Sister will decide what (s)he will do with it. Would like to make the prayer cards as a house project further down the pike.
  5. Website – Dan – Proposal given to the house. Motion made by Tonka, Seconded by Molly, motion approved
  6. Completed – Tonka, Lustee, & Bolt
  7. Glambook – Melika – Turn in sheets
  8. Jarrett – Tentative date 11/3-4. Fundraiser food drive for hurricane survivors. Will provide additional information on the group page on Facebook.


Close of Meeting

Molly, zach