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Oct. 13, 2016 meeting minutes

Attendance: Anna Mae, Sheneda, Kara, Shay, Shitty, Magnus, Butch, Tonkabelle, Ophelia, Mimi


Old Business:

  • Columbus Project Nunway: Nov. 18
  • Tristate Leather Weekend: Nov. 19
  • Palm Springs trip: Oct. 31
  • Cigar Social: Oct. 22
  • Queen City Leather: Dec.3

Board Nominees:

  • President: Bryan
  • VP: Tonka
  • Secretary: Tugger
  • Treasurer: Jaquelyn

Vote to make the house name “The Cincinnati Sisters: Abbey of the Immaculate 4-Way

Vote carried

Mission Primer: Tonka went over the Mission Primer that was sent to us by Sister Faegala.  Faegala and Unity stated that we were making good progress.

Squeaky Penis introduced.

Manifesting for the first time: wear what you want and feel comfortable, as long as your veil remains while.

Facebook involvement:  We need more involvement on the facebook page.  When an event is created please try to do your best to reply whether or not you can come.

Let’s try to plan some outside of face events for us to do soon.

Vote to end meeting

Vote Carried.