Zach B., Zak R., K’lief, Alex, Tonka, Bryan, Wes, Ron, JP, Setg, Tugger, Bolt, Kevon Bel, Kevin Boyle, Magnus,


Bryan Talked about his stuff

  • gonna figure out tristate (something) and post
  • Tristate blessing- Seth I’ll ask over coordinating
  • Dick squeareacheduling Nun-traits
  • UNPC Facebook live Nov. 6
  • Mardi gras at crazy fox
  • GLAST blessing 12/3


  • made motion to use. Oronet buffer for guard brother pieces – tugger second
  • Co treasurer appointed by Abbess
  • Dick squeak – Kevin bell
  • Discussed Exequator and fundraising to donate to charities and pay for exequator – Rusty heading the charge
  • Barely clearance yelled out chest plates for all!!! Dick squeak


  • Pairing postulants with oubders for eyes!
  • -barely – Zach
  • -wes – Kevin
  • -klief – Rusty
  • Dick squeak
  • Preparing next class for a trivia dinner night again?
  • He said hole – dick squeak
  • Discussed UNPC all at that others canisten in just no speak


Old business

  • Tonka mothion to accept PNP document pending adding ofclarofi action of excess drunkenness created by house …Zach B second motion passed
  • Committee will revisit section oretaining to venue’s
  • T-shirts – Splat Zach and bolt action item
  • Front splat with I ran into the sisters with a nod to our house on the male or sleeve.

Nun-tea sis Zachs new thing to keep communication w/ novices, Postulants ND their mothers and also about the Sistory for them… Looking to start after first of the year.



  • reminder of random bar ministry
  • It’s time for another teacher dance even at Queen City change Nov. 19 4-7 on fb event

House hitter as added to and blessed

Dick squeak

Competed novce projects reviewed

Meeting adjourned.