Minutes 111717

immaculate 4-way house meeting minutes 11/17/16

10 in attendance 

(bryan was late….in his own house)



voted to apply for mission status ind December. 

voted on tristate leather blessing.

went over the primer to be a mission house. 

tonic is a slut… 😀

went over logo design-bolt is doing that 

went over project nunway- a few girls are going 

yay sweater party! Cozy! – Seths heading that 

voted in our first house rule- don’t be a hot mess in face. if a sister says its time to go we need to scoot. 

touched on Cincinnati queen city leather- we’ve been asked to help



this weekend is Tristate leather (here in cinci) and project runway in columbus 

free tristate admission as long as you’re in sister face! (everything on friday and saturday nights) 

*dick squeak*

saturday night for the contest Bryan is the point of contact. painting at bryans house around 4:00pm (contact him for details) 

contest opens at 7:30. 

take website pictures with Bryan they are due saturday!

(this meeting is being boringgggg!)

keeps the Facebook group posts under control(?) voted to table. 

*dick squeaks*

lets be safe, ride to the contest venue together! coordinating rides at bryans while we paint.

stay in groups! BE SAFE! 

if you’re doing the blessing BE PREPARED TO GO ON STAGE! 


we need to find another way to get out important info for all members to see. ideas? Let us know in the FB group 

(Tugger wanted it to be known she likes cheese)


when in face you represent the house, think before you act and try not to make the house look negative! 


for the UNPC call to be voted as a mission house we need TWO delegates for that to represent us, everyone can attend but only the two delegates will be able to speak for it- 

voted on it to be Les and Zach as the delegates. 

commitments: you will be there contact to our house. (thats big!) 

*dick squeak* 


all arguments are to be settled with Dance Dance revolution battles. 


*dick squeak* 


tristate blessing went over and practiced (you can take the page on stage but hide it in a book so it looks better.)


 motion to adjourn meeting- Motion passed 


(very lack luster meeting….sad :p ) 


as always the meeting minutes are kept silly. 

the *dick squeak* was used for overtime the squeaky penis was used to silence the room.