14 MARCH 2017 / 7:50 PM


Jefferson, Stephen, Rusty, Zach, Les, Bryan, Molly, Dan, Jason, Brian, Jarrett


New Business


  • Bank Account


      • PNC Needs:
        • Articles of Incorp
        • Meeting of Board
        • 501(c)(3) Intent
        • Letter of Authority
      • Les is going to look into more options


  • Bylaws


      • Motion to approve by Zach. Second by Les
      • Friendly amendment  by Jefferson to Approve bylaws pending Formatting changes
        • Approved 7-0-1
    • Officers. As of the affect of the bylaws we are w/o a board
      • Opening Nominations for all board positions
      • (Molly suggested to stagger board elections: house agreed to wait)
        • Abbys: Bryan
        • CoAbbys: Tonka
        • Secretary: Jefferson
        • Treasurer: Les


  • Les Novice project. Charity Art Event


    • Proposing that Les delegate out more work on his project before we approve the full event but with the thought that this is a really stunning idea.
  • Molly’s Crazy Camping Weekend. $25 ok?
    • No known issues voiced


    • Policy and procedures meeting to be scheduled later
    • Random Bar Ministry. We should consider more ministry and getting in face w/o an event
    • Sister Group Bonding Nights. Let’s be girls


  • Trello Presentation



  1. 3/24 – Molly’s Birthday. Old Street – Underwear Auction
  2. 4/9 – Court Easter Fundraiser. Sisters are planning on Co-Sponsoring the bonnet contest
  3. 4/8 – Pink Prom. Sign up will be posted by Bryan to the sisters facebook
  4. (Future) Glisen- Color your pride. Fashion/drag show in May. 7 colors of the rainbow. Adult + Child pairs
  5. (Future) Diversity Chorus – Born This Way concert. Cabaret in August. Possible blessing and group sister number


Zach moved to close meeting. Molly 2nd – 9:44