Meeting Minutes 05/17

10 MAY 2017 / 7:00 PM / The Manifestorium


Meeting was called to order by Bryan Patrick at 7:17


Jason, Zach, Kevin, Bryan, Jefferson, Jarrett, Rusty, Dan

Voting Members

Jefferson, Stephen, Rusty, Zach, Les, Bryan, Molly, Jason, Brian, Jarrett, Dan, Dorian


Abbys Report – Anna Mae Series

  1. Happenings at CLAW
  2. Events at IML *Dick Squeak*
    1. Keep an eye out for a Facebook Group
  3. Pride: June 24th
    1. We do not have a car yet
    2. We are on our own to make our own outfit decisissions

Co-Abbys — TonkaBell

  1. Attendance
    1. Monica’s Easter Event
    2. We will start holding our sisters accountable for not coming to official functions
  2. Name Tags
    1. Apex Awards – engraved plastic pins – $6-$10 *Dick Squeak*
    2. Be sure to have money for next meeting

Secretary — Shay D’Arcade

  1. Nun Cards
    1. Look for a Google Doc on Facebook to fill out saint names
  2. 501(c)(3)
    1. Rusty and I will be looking into getting it done
  3. Standings
    1. We will start enforcing voting rights next meeting
    2. If you cannot attend, please utilize an electronic option

UNPC Call Updates — Charity Balls

  1. Jefferson will be the Co-chair.

Mistress of Novices

  1. 5 or 6 Potential Aspirants
  2. Looking to get 2 or 3 “Official” aspirants
  3. Cloche hats for Postulants


Old Business

Standard Operating Procedure Committee *Dick Squeak*

  1. Reading of the first few portions of the SOPs
    1. Rusty moves to vote on the aspirancy and postulancy text portion of the SOPs. Dan 2nds.
      1. Motion Passes 8:0:0. Pass


  1. PNC
  2. 5/3rd
  3. US Bank (Tonka)
    1. Dan’s opinion through working with the court is US
  4. Jefferson moves for US Bank to be our choice of bank. Kevin 2nd. 6:1:0. Pass

Charity proceedings

Discussion: Keeping 15% of charitable fundraisings

SOP comm to meet with Dan to get an exerpt for our money handling procedures.


  1. Temporary logo
    1. Zach moves that we make the “splatter logo” our logo for the IMBB competition. Rusty seconds.
    2. Jefferson makes a friendly amendment, we make the “splatter logo” our temporary logo until a finalized one has been selected by the house. Rusty seconds. 7:0:0 Pass
  2. Post 2 pictures that you like as inspiration onto the Trello page by next meeting. We will discuss it next meeting and form Themes.


  1. Post 2 pictures that you like as inspiration onto the Trello page by next meeting. We will discuss it next meeting and form Themes.

New Business


  1. Dan Hendrickson has been appointed and approved by the board as he was the only nominee to be Treasurer

Message from the Board

  1. We would like to apologize for any lack of confidence that we instilled in our membership. We are adjusting to working with each other in founding a new organization and we’re new. Work with us.



  1. Black and Bluegrass End of Season Party
  2. Caracole Same-Sex Bar Raid
  3. 5/18 – Sister Karaoke
  4. 5/20 – Mainstrasse Ministry – Bryan will make an event on Facebook
  5. Sister Shopping – Non-face activity – Tonka will make an event on FB
  6. Glammy’s
    1. $5 cover. We’re nominated, Let’s show up.
    2. Kevin moves that we make an exception to allow 1 sister to accept the award. Zach 2nd. 0:7:0. Fails
      1. We decided as a house we should be able to send 2 if we have accepted a nomination for an award

Novice Projects

  1. Last Supper – Tonka – 6/27
  2. Calendar – Anna Mae – Finalized 9/15
    1. Bryan will reach out to you about posing for this calendar
  3. Face Off – Charity Balls – Monthly no face events
    1. Look for information before the end of May
  4. Camping – Molly Mormon
  5. Suicide is a Drag – Rusty
    1. Rusty is to get to us with a more finalized approach for sister involvement by next meeting
    2. We voted to approve. 7:0:0
  6. Prayer Cards – Tugger

Close of Meeting

Jefferson moves to close. Rusty 2nd. 9:07