Meeting Minutes 06/17

14 June 2017 / 7:30 PM / The TSIDAS



Bryan, Shaneeda, Zach, Jarrett, Jefferson, Tonka, Molly

Voting Members

Jefferson, Stephen, Jason, Zach, Bryan, Jarrett, Rusty, Brian


Abbys Report – Anna Mae Series

  1. Pride: June 24th @ 11am – Meet at the Manifestorium no later than 9:45
    1. We can paint at the Manifestorium
    2. Keep an eye on the Facebook event for update
  2. White Party Tea Dance
  3. Coronation
  4. IML
  5. Pulse Vigil *Dick Squeak*

Co-Abbys — TonkaBell

  1. Meeting Time
    1. We have asked for input and the first Wednesday of every month is the most available *Molly steals the mermaid pillow*
    2. Our next meeting is July 5
  2. Manifesting Out of Town
    1. We need to be sure to follow proper procedure of contacting the Mistress of Novices
    2. Offer to bring another sister with you out of town

Treasurer — Dan

  1. 501(c)(3) Submission
    1. Rusty and Dan are meeting w/ NaddiaHead tomorrow to check the paperwork before submitting by the end of the week pending changes
  2. Bank Account

Secretary — Shay D’Arcade

  1. Minute Approvals – Pass
  2. Logo
  3. Coronet

UNPC Call Updates — Charity Balls

Next UNPC call is Monday 6/19

Mistress of Novices

Still keeping in contact with potential Aspirants

Zach is granting Zes a sabbatical  

Policies and Procedures

33% Done


Old Business


New Business

Dorrian sabbatical: Jefferson moves to grant a 6 month sabbatical to be re-evaluated at the end of that time. Tonka 2nd. Pass 5:0:0


Events Pink = Official

Andrew Christian Underwear event: 9pm 6/22
Wigging Out: Monday 6/19
Laugh Out Proud: 6/20
Chorus Concert: 6/17&18. There are 2 free tickets available reach out to Bryan
Old Street pride show
Cincy Pride
Tonka’s novice Project

Novice Projects

  1. Last Supper – Tonka – 6/27
  2. Calendar – Anna Mae – Finalized 9/15
    1. Please sign up for your months
  3. Face Off – Charity Balls – Monthly no face events
    1. After pride spa night – check facebook for updates
  4. Camping – Molly Mormon
    1. 2/3rd week of July.
  5. Suicide is a Drag – Rusty
  6. Prayer Cards – Tugger