Minutes 092916

Minutes Sept. 29, 2016

Sisters and Guard in Attendance: Anna Mae Ceres, Shitty Kitty, Tonkabelle, Mimi Redbottom,Charity Balls, Tuxedo Mask4Masc, Kathy Terbag, Anna Bolic (Brother Butch Please) [Phone in], Magnus [Phone in]

Old Business:


  • Majority decided that our main house name would be The Cincinnati Sisters.
  • Discussion was brought up that we did not technically vote on this.
  • Motion was made, vote taken, approved The Cincinnati Sisters.
  • Discussion was made about ideas for the Abbey name.
    • Abbey of the Pig Queens
    • Abbey of the Flying Bacon
    • Abbey of the Aerial Swine
    • Abbey of the Immaculate 4-Way (after Cincinnati Chili)
  • A facebook poll (later in the week) showed that a majority wanted to go with Abbey of the Immaculate 4-Way.

Court Coronation

  • Weds night: Kickoff at Rose’s Bar Oct. 5
  • Thurs night: In town show @ the Cabaret Oct 6, 8 pm
  • Fri night: Out of Town show @ the Westin Hotel Oct 7, 8pm
  • Sat day:  Hospitality @ the Westin.
    • Bartend and Mingle
    • Monies raised will go to the Sisters
    • Bartend: Anna Bolic, Charity Balls, Kathy Terbag
    • Mingle: Tonkabelle, Mimi Redbottom, Anna Mae
  • Sat night: Court Coronation @ the Westin
    • Cocktails 5pm
    • Dinner 6pm
    • Event 7pm
    • table is $500 or $62.50/per pers for 8
    • Question asked about only coming to the Event portion.
    • Shitty Kitty would talk to her contacts within the Court System.

Mr. Cincinnati Leather

  • Double duty night.  Court and Mr. Cincy.
  • Randy would like the Sisters to perform
    • Anna Mae is willing to perform