Sister Charity Balls is a queer, leatherman, geek, and professional big spoon. He enjoys long walks on the beach, no-bake cookies, getting caught in the rain, boxed wine, and Keto.

Early on in his adventure she discovered his love of serving the leather community through bootblacking. Earning the title Ohio Bootblack 2014, Charity (Zach) has spent the last four years traveling the country spreading bootblack love and education through practicing his craft at contests and teaching events, and other “shine-anigans” he gets himself into.

He is a Board member of the Titans of the Midwest, which helps facilitate kink education and community building events, in an inclusive spirit, all across the Midwest. He is also an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club and an associate member of the Kentucky Leather Brotherhood.

Residing in Cincinnati for the last 10 years, Sister Charity, by day, is an IT Professional (another bear working in IT, am I right?). He looks forward to spreading joy and love throughout the city that has adopted him, and hopes to give back to a community that has embraced him.