Novice Guard Tuxedo Mask4Masc

Seth is one of those puppies that has always had an affinity for boots. Not the annoying kind that hi-jacks your shoes, taking them away to gnaw on them and leaves them absolutely demolished behind the couch for you to find the instant you’re heading to IML, but the loving kind that will slobber on them until they shine like a freshly loved bone. Seth has been an active part of the bootblacking community working in such places as CLAW, international puppy , Iowa leather weekend and his partner Zak Rittenhouse’s bedroom (or his Daddy bears, he aint picky) and is well loved for his “waddling Corgi cuteness” amongst the puppies of the leather community. As an Agent of ASH! (His Alpha) he is a force to be reckoned with and a guy to be reconed with. He is a full member of Titans of the Midwest, and the dean of Kink U Columbus as well as Co-Dean, with his partner in crime Duckie, of Kink U Tristate leather weekend. In his local community he can be found working on events for the local PaH group “Ruff pups” and the Cincinnati Sisters as well as being on staff for Iowa Leather Weekend as Head Bootblack/Bootblack coordinator. When not at Leather events he is spending time with his local leather family and Daddy bear Zach Bellman as well as advocating body positivity to the puppy community at large.

Iam looking forward to serving the sisters as guard Tuxedo Masc4Mask as we spread joy and love across Cincinatti and the world as a whole.

“I have seen two paths, and made another between. ”