Novice Sister Tyrenna Rexxx

Born in Connecticut but raised in Ohio, Tyrena arrived in the Queen City in July 2015 to attend the University of Cincinnati. She hadn’t previously interacted much with the LGBT community, and the city of Cincinnati welcomed her with open arms. Tyrena’s first interaction with the sisters was with the Cincinnati Sisters at On Broadway bar, and she admired the friendly, outgoing sisters and aspired to develop friendships with them. This budding friendship turned into an offer to join the Cincinnati Sisters as an aspirant, and she began her journey to sisterhood in July 2017. Her first public manifestation as an aspirant was to compete in the Drag Races at the First Sunday on Main in downtown Cincinnati.

In her muggle life, Tyrena is a doctoral student in paleontology at the University of Cincinnati. Her name, derived from Tyrannosaurus Rex, is an homage to paleontology and was bestowed upon her by fellow postulant Sister Ida Claire. Tyrena plans on staying in the Queen City until the completion of her degree in 2020, and from there she will fly wherever the winds (and job prospects) take her.

As a sister, Tyrena hopes to promote an open and inclusive LGBT community, to ensure that everyone knows that they are accepted, respected, and supported. Additionally, she wants to serve her community through volunteer work, specifically regarding sexual health and education. She is excited to spend more time becoming part of the broader LGBT community in Cincinnati, and take the opportunity to promulgate joy and expiate stigmatic guilt as she dances (poorly) through the streets of this beautiful Midwestern city.