Sister Joy Stix

Sister Joy Stix aims to be the embodiment of her name: Nerdy, Dirty, and full of Joy… all with a heavy handed dash of pink. In her biblical form, Joy is an academic, and Joy Stix is that book-worm’s outlet for doing real good in the world and making actual tangible change. In her spare time you can catch her playing video games, watching anime, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or buried in a book. Strengths: Reading (it’s fundamental), large boots for stepping on haters and lovers alike, and resistance to radiance damage (from all the sacrilege). Weaknesses: Clumsy, awkward, and is unable to resist tipping any and every stage performer.

Astrological Sign:Libra

Favorite Quote: “The queer art of failure turns on the impossible, the improbable, the unlikely, and the unremarkable. It quietly loses, and in losing it imagines other goals for life, for love, for art, and for being.” ― Jack Halberstam, The Queer Art of Failure.

Sisters that have inspired you: Sister Misty Meanor (Detroid), Sister Kim Boocha (Minneapolis), Sister Bach Lava (Kansas City), Sister Korriandher Spice (Louisville), Sister Kenya Knott (Louisville) and so many more!