Sister Ophelia Rass

Sister Ophelia Rass


Hello Loves, my name is Novice Sister Ophelia Rass with the Cincinnati Sisters: Abby of the Immaculate 4-Way. My journey to becoming a fully professed sister started in October of 2016 and I feel to fully understand WHY I want to be a sister, you first need to know a little of my backstory.

Growing up I was constantly reminded that I was never good enough or would never amount to anything. I always lived in constant fear of when my step-father was going to take out his aggressions on me, potentially placing me back in the hospital once again. I remember one summer evening I was watching a show on MTv about Gay Pride, and that is when I was first introduced to the Sisters. Their sheer dedication to our community was a beacon of hope for a boy like myself. I now knew there were people out there who would appreciate me for who I was.

Fast-forward twenty-five years to the age of thirty-seven where I was lying in a hospital bed recovering from a heart attack, I began to look back on my life. I was reminded of the moment I was first introduced to the Sisters. It was at that moment I made a vow to continue to work towards being the voice for my community here in Cincinnati. Earlier that year I joined our local chapter of a Pride Committee. It was a great experience and I made some good friends, but something was still lacking. I wasn’t getting the spiritual satisfaction I needed. So I decided to move on and wait for the universe to guide me.

It is now 2016 and because of the determination of a select few, Cincinnati finally has enough people who want to establish a mission here. This was the best news ever and I knew what I had to do. The group welcomed me with open arms and legs, and at that time I knew I had found my family. I had found my calling and I once again restated my vow to be the voice for my community, only this time dressed as a prismatic nun fighting hate with wit and laughter.

So you ask, why do I want to be a sister? I want to be a shield for those who can’t fight. I want to be the one who takes the lashes for that little gay boy or girl, while smiling and showing them they are good enough and they are loved. I want to be the queen behind the bullhorn leading a parade of my sisters in a chorus of “Scrubs” by TLC to drown out the religious zealots. I want to be the shoulder someone can lean on and the ear they can bend, whenever they need someone to listen. I want to enrich and grow the spiritual connection I have with my fellow man. And finally, I want to be a sister because there is so much hate in this world that someone needs to fight back with light and love to drown out the darkness.

Many Blessings,