2021 Officers


Abbess: Sr Lustee Raw’ket

Chairs GM and Officer meetings. He/she appoints committee chairs. He/She cannot make a motion or vote during a general meeting unless a tie breaking vote is required. He/She is responsible for seeing that all other officers and chairs are fulfilling their duties. The Abbess is responsible for outreach to organizations outside of TCS when no other is specified. He/She oversees external issues outside of the house. The Abbess is one of three (3) signatories on the TCS bank account. Other duties may be determined by the Bylaws, at the discretion of the Board or GM, or in accordance with nonprofit law as necessary.

Co-Abbess: Sr Mary Unbirthday

Shall serve as the assistant to the President in all duties of the President and shall assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence. The VP/Co-Abbess shall oversee internal issues of the house and assume additional duties delegated by the President. Additionally the VP is responsible for the overall process of progressing applicants and members who have not yet acquired their full profession in the Order. The VP shall disseminate educational materials to all applicants and new members until such time as they reach full profession. Other duties may be determined by the bylaws or at the discretion of the Board or GM as necessary.

Sister Moira Lee SuperiorMistress of Coin Dispensers (Treasurer): Sr Moira Lee Superior

The Treasurer of the Board shall handle all the monies of the Board and see that accurate records are kept on expenditures. Within thirty (30) days of election, the Treasurer shall submit a Board budget for the Board’s approval. Other duties may be determined by the bylaws or at the discretion of the Board or GM as necessary.

Mistress of the Quill (Secretary): Sr Charity Ballz

The Secretary shall be responsible for: maintaining an accurate roster of the membership, maintaining a current list of those serving on special or standing committees of the GM, accurately recording and producing an agenda and written minutes of all GM meetings, giving or cause to be given, notice of all meetings of the GM as required in these bylaws, keeping the seal and records of the Corporation in a safe custody if applicable. The Secretary may have, or perform, other such powers as prescribed by the bylaws, the Board, or the GM as necessary.

Large Members (Members at Large): Sr Alda Kiddz and Sr Arya Serious

Members at Large do stuff and things. They speak for the queens. 

Sister Joy StixMistress of Novices: Sr Joy Stix

Serves under the Co-Abbess to interview and oversee all Aspirants, Postulants and Novices regarding their profession. He/She answers new members questions regarding TCS rules, history, etc. She makes reports at GM meetings regarding the status of new members and distributes TCS sanctioned attire and all training instruments to the new members. She communicates with and tracks sabbaticals and suspensions with the assistance of the Secretary. The MoN shall reach out to new members and offer feedback, explain the instruments of the house, and help new members express their ideas and problems in a safe environment, both in and out of GM meetings. Other duties may be determined by the Board or GM. The MoN shall be chosen annually at the GM meeting in January. In the advent of resignation, or removal, the Abbess shall appoint an interim MoN until the GM elects a new one.

Mistress of Webs: Br Butch Please

The Mistress of Web (MoW) is tasked with overseeing, updating, and maintaining TCS website. The MoW shall serve as the chair of the web committee. The Abbess shall appoint the MoW annually at the GM meeting in January.

UNPC: Srs Lustee Raw’ket & Mary Unbirthday

The role of the Mistresses of the UNPC is to be our delegates to the UNPC.  They join the conference call once a month to give updates on our progression and our involvement in the Cincinnati community.

Archives: Sr Mary Unbirthday

The Mistress of Archives (MoA) takes the responsibility of caring for the historical records, documents, props, etc of TCS. This is a very honored and trusted position. The GM shall elect the Archivist annually at the GM meeting in January. In the event of removal, or resignation, the Abbess shall appoint one until the GM can elect a new one.