Below is a list of our larger manifestations, house events, and novice projects.  

For a full list of our manifestations please visit our Manifestations page as well as our 2017 photo gallery for pictures from many of our manifestations.


Event: Hibearnation (House Event)

Event Date: 1/8/17

Hibearnation was one of our first events as a Sister House.  Yes we had gone out to the bars, and supported the Court, but this one was truly ours.  The event was an evening event in which we wanted to try to bring members of our bear community back out into the bars.  We sold raffle tickets for prizes, had food for guests, and funds raised were to benefit the Cincinnati Needle Exchange.  One lucky participant even won a pass to the North American Bear Weekend held in Lexington, KY, in February of this year. We later found out the name “HiBEARnation” was copyrighted, so we are carrying this event forward to 2018 under the name “SlumBEAR Party.”

Event: Cincinnati Women’s March

Event Date: 1/21/17

The Cincinnati Sister’s joined the nationwide Women’s March here is Cincinnati.  This was our first major event out in the non-LGBT community.  It was a wonderful event.   Many people asked questions, asked to have their pictures taken with us, and were generally very happy to have us there.

Mardi Gras at Crazy Fox Saloon (House Event)

Event Date: 2/24/17

For Mardi Gras, this year, the house was approached by the Crazy Fox Saloon to host their annual party.  During the course of the evening, Sisters engaged many of the patrons that were visiting the bar that evening.  A couple of Sisters asked trivia questions to patrons and, for each correctly answered question, they received a beaded necklace and a chance to trade in multiple beads for larger ones.  One of the highlights of the evening was a mini contest that the Sisters’ hosted “King and Queen of Mardi Gras.”  Anyone could participated in either category that they wanted.  The event was well received by all who were in attendance.

Cincinnati Orlando Vigil at Fountain Square

Event Date: 6/12/17

On the one-year anniversary of the Orlando Pulse Shootings, Cincinnati held a small vigil for victims and surviving families.  This was a very somber time at Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati.  Many of those who were in attendance gave personal accounts of the results of Orlando.  One of our Sisters personally knew a few of the victims.  The Sisters were there to show our support for anyone who felt afraid, or just needed someone to lean on.

Cincinnati Pride

Event Date: 6/24/17

The Cincinnati Sisters participated in our first Cincinnati Pride Parade and festival.  We were surprised by the overwhelming amount of love we were shown from the crowd and festival participants.  We passed out our “business cards” to just about everyone that shared our general contact information. We even got our second bit of media recognition as well.  Once we made it down to the actual festival, people wanted pictures with us throughout the day.  It was a great event for us to introduce ourselves to the masses of Cincinnati.

Novice Project: Brother Butch Please

Project Completion Date: 06/24/17

As a newer organization, it is important that we have logos and other design elements available to the house. Brother Butch’s project was to develop these items for the house so we can spread our ministry across the Queen City. As required for elevation, Brother Butch Please created our logo, but he has also created an entire branded suite of materials including, but not limited to, banners, business cards, promotional posters, and t-shirts.  Having a strong brand identity is essential to the success of any house and this project has given us an incredible foundation for all future marketing needs!

Novice Project: Sister Tonkabelle

Project Date: 6/25/17

Project Title: The Last Supper (at Tillie’s Lounge)

The event was an item drive for Caracole. Rather than dealing with money, attendees were asked to bring in hygiene products that would benefit the residents at Caracole House.  

Novice Project: Sister Lustee Raw’ket

Project Date: 7/21/17

Project Title: Suicide is a Drag (at Northern Kentucky University)

Suicide is a Drag is an annual event that is put on for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Every year the event is put on with a different collaboration of groups and people.  This year, under the direction of Lustee (the event organizer), The Cincinnati Sisters were able to join as a sponsoring organization.  Over the six years of the event, it has raised over $25,000 for suicide prevention, research, advocacy, and support of suicide loss survivors.

The goal of the event is to educate and raise funds for the LGBT community and minimize suicide.  The event draws in people of many genders, sexual orientations, faith practices, survivors of suicide loss, and those who have lived experience with suicide.  Agencies who deal with mental health as well as local LGBTQ+ organizations joined in on the fun by providing informational tables.  Besides the usual drag show, food was offered as well.

The Cincinnati Sisters had an important part of the event. In addition to serving as very visible representations of the LGBT community and helping raise more than $3,000, the Sisters also worked with those present to create memorial luminaries.  The luminaries were placed around the edge of the stage to serve as a reminder that we won’t forget both the known as well as unknown persons who died by suicide.

Novice Project: Sister Molly Mormen

Project Date: 10/20-22/17

Sister Glamping was a three-day, two-night camping retreat near Lebenon, Ohio, for the Sisters of the house.  Molly facilitated several different courses that focused on communication styles, understanding personality types, and self discovery, in a fun and relaxed environment.  In addition to structured course work, the group also fostered personal relationships by cooking together, drinking to excess, and playing a rousing game of “Never Have I Ever” where the one-adventurous Molly discovered she was strictly vanilla, but argued to be recognized as at least Creme Brulee. The event was attended (at least in part) by eight Sisters and was well received by all.

Novice Project: Sister Anna Mae Ceres

Project  Date: 10/29/17

Project Title: It’s All Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus (at Tillie’s Lounge)

Stemming from the idea of having a fun Halloween movie night with the Sisters, Anna Mae partnered with one of our local bars to host a potluck and movie showing (Hocus Pocus). Those in attendance were asked to donate money and hygiene items for Caracole. The event provided a casual opportunity for community members to meet the Sisters and support those in our community living with HIV and AIDS.

Novice Project:  Sister Charity Ballz

Project Completion Date: 11/25/17

Sister Charity’s Novice project was a multi-event project. She hosted numerous gatherings of our Sisters a chance for our members to hang out, have a good time, and bond. The project completion called for three events. The first event was a face mask/movie night. The second of these events was a black light putt-putt golf outing.  Her third and final outing was an enjoyable relaxing night out on the town.  We started at the MadTree Brewery for some drinks, and then afterwards headed down into Kentucky to the Crazy Fox Saloon.  Her events brought together a number of our Sisters in order to bond and become a better house.

In-Progress Novice Projects

Bearbie Steel-Tate: Website Overhaul

Brother Bearbie’s project is to develop a brand new website for the Cincinnati Sisters. This website is very adequate for our needs, but Bearbie proposed to the house to overhaul the entire website. His Project will be complete once the new site is up and running.

Melika Sparkles: Glamoire

Sister Melika’s project is a grimoire/history of the Cincinnati Sisters. She has sent out a survey to each of the members of the house to fill out. Once they return, she will compile all of these, including pictures and other goodies, into a bound book that will be a living document for the house. It will be updated when new sisters come into the house and will keep a general Sistory of the Cincinnati Sisters. Her Novice Project will be completed once the Glamoire is presented to the house.

Shay D’Arcade: Prayer Cards

Sister Shay’s project is developing prayer cards for each of the members of the house. She will be reaching out to each member to create a prayer specifically for that Sister. The house will use the cards when doing ministry. They will be included with our care packs.