Why do you want to be a fully professed house?

In today’s political climate, the world as we know it is filled with uncertainty.  As a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender community, we are faced with increased opposition, and our hard-fought rights are being chipped away and challenged daily by a presidential administration that has openly declared war on us.As active members of our community, we seek to support those in need by manifesting joy and doing all we can to remove stigmatic guilt across the Greater Cincinnati Region.

We want to become a fully professed house of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence because we recognize the responsibility that title carries.  We take pride in representing the Sisterhood with our white veils, but we anxiously look forward to empowering our community by continuing to recruit and grow our house with the honor, weight, and esteem full profession carries.

What is your philosophy?

Our house philosophy is simple and mirrors the Sister’s Mission to spread love and remove guilt.  We seek to spread love through community service, while simultaneously working to remove guilt by continued visibility in our bars and at local events.  We recognize the unique role we play in our city, and we are anxious to foster existing partnerships with local organizations wile finding new and innovative ways to pursue our Mission.

What kind of Sisters are you?

We are a diverse body of individuals who have come together to form a beautifully unique house.  We recognize our collective strength comes from the individual experiences and perspectives of our members.

We know that our differences make us stronger and we welcome any challenge we collectively face because we know we can do it together, as true Sisters.

We love each other, we challenge each other, and we may even argue with each other, but we always have the best interests of our sisters, our house, and our community at the forefront of everything we do.  We fail together, we have grown together, and we succeed together.  We are a family!

What makes you unique?

From our “Dick Squeak” call to order, our name as the House of the Immaculate 4-Way, and our gaudy sky-scraper-inspired coronets, we are uniquely Cincinnati.  We celebrate what makes us weird and we welcome each sister’s genuine individuality.  We have Sisters who compete in drag pageants and national leather title holders.  We have scientists, business professionals, and university administrators who donate their time and resources to make sure that our rag-tag House is successful.  From flowey caftans to fully-padded and tucked queens, our House is as unique as the Sisters, Brothers, and Guards in it!

Where did you get those dresses?

Our Sisters LOVE our individuality.  Our house dresses are less of an actual dress, but more of a pattern – Polka Dots.  Polka dots are always fun, but this also lets each member explore their own identity.  From Rockabilly dresses to, yes, even caftans, the polka dots are often easily spotted wherever we go.  During any manifestation, you will see a wide variety of outfits that our Sisters wear.  A couple of our Sisters love to portray characters, while others perfect their individual images.

But where DID we get those dresses?  That is the question isn’t it, after all.  Thrift stores are a blast for dress shopping.  Especially when other customers start helping us pick out dresses and outfits. We’ve also had great success on Amazon and ebay, too.  For those fuller-figured nuns in our Abbey, four-way stretch spandex and a sewing machine are their best friends.