The coronet of the Cincinnati Sisters, the Abbey of the Immaculate 4-way was conceived from the rich Art Deco history and architecture of Cincinnati.  Because of our city being known as the Queen City, the shape of the coronet resembles a tiara.

We have divided the front of the coronet into three sections.  The top section of the coronet represents some of the newer architecture in Cincinnati, our giant space penis, or the Great America building and its “Tiara.”

The bottom section of the coronet represents some of the older Art Deco architecture of Cincinnati, a nod to the Hall of Justice, for you comic geeks, the Union Terminal building.

The middle section is red.  We chose this color to divide the top and bottom sections because red is such a prominent color for Cincinnati: the Cincinnati Reds baseball team, the University of Cincinnati, and the flag of Cincinnati.

The space on the coronet where the brooch sits resembles the facade of the clock on the front of Union Terminal.  This is a personal object or something the Sister enjoys, making most of the coronets slightly different from each other.