Previously a desert rose, Shay’s first interaction with The Sisters was with The Grand Canyon Sisters of Phoenix, Arizona. A “budding” leatherman, Tugger looked upon this house and wanted to support their doctrine of love and support. After planning his move to the Queen City, Tugger was elated to learn of the Aspirant house of the Immaculate 4-way; craving to be a part of the organization he had admired while his plates had been full.

The name of Shay D’Arcade is that of an impoverished french aristocrat, Shay Lorraine, Duchess D’Arcade. She fled to a convent after she was was ripped from her home… A glory hole… I got my name from a glory hole; a shady arcade, if you will. For some reason I thought it would be cute to be named after an Adult Video Store, after all, that is where I do my BEST worshiping to an invisible god.

As a Sister I hope to perpetuate a welcome demeanor and remove any hostility or guilt that we may face as being a sexual being! We are here to live our lives and to enjoy ourselves and each other! Shay is a little bit of a costume queen. I enjoy playing with themes and clothes to match how I am feeling that day! My favorite sister look is where I adorn a harness and jock (hot, right?!) and to top it all off I throw on a diaphanous pink caftan for a look of whimsy while leaving little to the imagination. People are going to look. Give them something to look at.