Novice Sister Tyrenna Rexxx

Born in Connecticut but raised in Ohio, Tyrena arrived in the Queen City in July 2015 to attend the University of Cincinnati. She hadn’t previously interacted much with the LGBT community, and the city of Cincinnati welcomed her with open arms. Tyrena’s first interaction with the sisters was with the Cincinnati Sisters at On Broadway bar, and she admired the friendly, outgoing sisters and aspired to develop friendships with them. This budding friendship turned into an offer to join the Cincinnati Sisters as an aspirant, and she began her journey to sisterhood in July 2017. Her first public manifestation as an aspirant was to compete in the Drag Races at the First Sunday on Main in downtown Cincinnati.

In her muggle life, Tyrena is a doctoral student in paleontology at the University of Cincinnati. Her name, derived from Tyrannosaurus Rex, is an homage to paleontology and was bestowed upon her by fellow postulant Sister Ida Claire. Tyrena plans on staying in the Queen City until the completion of her degree in 2020, and from there she will fly wherever the winds (and job prospects) take her.

As a sister, Tyrena hopes to promote an open and inclusive LGBT community, to ensure that everyone knows that they are accepted, respected, and supported. Additionally, she wants to serve her community through volunteer work, specifically regarding sexual health and education. She is excited to spend more time becoming part of the broader LGBT community in Cincinnati, and take the opportunity to promulgate joy and expiate stigmatic guilt as she dances (poorly) through the streets of this beautiful Midwestern city.

Novice Sister Ida Claire

I had my first interaction with a sister in my early 20’s (that was a long time ago…). I was at a show for an out stand-up comedian who had a bit in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire. There was a Sister from San Francisco at his show. My boyfriend, at the time, wanted to hang out after and meet the comedian as well as the Sister. We had a great time in that interaction. That was the first time I had ever encountered “Sister” and it will forever stand out for me.

Fast-forward, let’s just say a while, and I moved to the San Francisco Bay area. As a gay dude in S.F. you are just going to run into a sister. They would regularly hold beer busts at my favorite haunt (The Eagle Tavern, as it was known then.) as well as street fairs and the like. The more time I spent in the city, the more encounters I had with Sisters.

Fast forward just a few years more and I find myself wanting to let myself explore how I might show up in some form of drag. Ooh Gurl! I am a “handsome” woman to put it nicely. Some of that may have to do with the fact that I don’t care for my face without fur. Long story short, it didn’t turn out so well. Yet I was still compelled to explore it. My partner, at the time, said “Hey you should look into becoming a Sister. You’ll be able to keep your beard and be doing things that benefit the community. It was a great idea. So, for the next five years I toyed with the idea. I spoke with Sisters from various houses and tried to learn what being a Sister meant to them.

Five years later and I’m with my current partner who just happened to be a founding member of the Cincinnati Sisters. He encouraged me to join. To this day, I’m not sure there’s a moment in which I said “yes let’s do this,’ but rather he said “you have to come to this meeting on Wednesday and become an aspirant.” Initially I resisted “oh no, wait. I’m not ready for this yet..” blah blah blah enter the non-committal commentary. Finally, I decided that it was right in front of me and it was going to be now or never. When that “Now or Never” concept was in front of me I imagined my life further down the road and me having not become a Sister. Then I saw myself being so mad. So I committed.

I’m very glad I did. This has been a wonderful experience where I have been able to see people do beautiful things as well as be a part of someone else’s beautiful experience. I’m proud to be a Sister and look forward to future Sister life as I continue down this road.

Novice Sister Barely Clearance

Bearly Clearance is just your typical mid-western house-nun. Full of love and light, Barely can often be found with a song in her voice, dance in her step, and usually a cocktail in her hand. As a Cincinnati Sister, she prides herself on being reliable and easy to talk to. She may be the loudest Sister, but she also has one of the biggest… hearts.

Novice Guard Tuxedo Mask4Masc

Seth is one of those puppies that has always had an affinity for boots. Not the annoying kind that hi-jacks your shoes, taking them away to gnaw on them and leaves them absolutely demolished behind the couch for you to find the instant you’re heading to IML, but the loving kind that will slobber on them until they shine like a freshly loved bone. Seth has been an active part of the bootblacking community working in such places as CLAW, international puppy , Iowa leather weekend and his partner Zak Rittenhouse’s bedroom (or his Daddy bears, he aint picky) and is well loved for his “waddling Corgi cuteness” amongst the puppies of the leather community. As an Agent of ASH! (His Alpha) he is a force to be reckoned with and a guy to be reconed with. He is a full member of Titans of the Midwest, and the dean of Kink U Columbus as well as Co-Dean, with his partner in crime Duckie, of Kink U Tristate leather weekend. In his local community he can be found working on events for the local PaH group “Ruff pups” and the Cincinnati Sisters as well as being on staff for Iowa Leather Weekend as Head Bootblack/Bootblack coordinator. When not at Leather events he is spending time with his local leather family and Daddy bear Zach Bellman as well as advocating body positivity to the puppy community at large.

Iam looking forward to serving the sisters as guard Tuxedo Masc4Mask as we spread joy and love across Cincinatti and the world as a whole.

“I have seen two paths, and made another between. ”

Sister Tonkabelle

Since my first experience with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence almost 20 years ago, I knew that one day I would join their ranks. You see, for me they represent love and joy and they brought those two things into my life during key moments when I have needed it the most through the years.

For me being a Sister is more than just putting on a white face and going out and being silly. It is a representation – a physical manifestation – of what can happen when you let go of the fears and self-doubt that restrain you and allow yourself to be free to experience a moment, love, sex and life.

You see the Sisters exist for that purpose for me. Being one reminds me daily to not allow myself to be caged again, to be put back into a box, a label, or anything else restraining. It reminds me to put myself out there and be seen in case someone is where I used to be, waiting to break the shackles of what I was told I had or needed to be and to become what I want to be. What I was meant to be.

Sister Shay D’Arcade

Previously a desert rose, Shay’s first interaction with The Sisters was with The Grand Canyon Sisters of Phoenix, Arizona. A “budding” leatherman, Tugger looked upon this house and wanted to support their doctrine of love and support. After planning his move to the Queen City, Tugger was elated to learn of the Aspirant house of the Immaculate 4-way; craving to be a part of the organization he had admired while his plates had been full.

The name of Shay D’Arcade is that of an impoverished french aristocrat, Shay Lorraine, Duchess D’Arcade. She fled to a convent after she was was ripped from her home… A glory hole… I got my name from a glory hole; a shady arcade, if you will. For some reason I thought it would be cute to be named after an Adult Video Store, after all, that is where I do my BEST worshiping to an invisible god.

As a Sister I hope to perpetuate a welcome demeanor and remove any hostility or guilt that we may face as being a sexual being! We are here to live our lives and to enjoy ourselves and each other! Shay is a little bit of a costume queen. I enjoy playing with themes and clothes to match how I am feeling that day! My favorite sister look is where I adorn a harness and jock (hot, right?!) and to top it all off I throw on a diaphanous pink caftan for a look of whimsy while leaving little to the imagination. People are going to look. Give them something to look at.

Noice Guard Peek-at-chu

Guard Peek-at-chu can often be found among friends and community members. He strives to make everyone feel special, important, and empowered. He is a member of the Cincinnati leather community holding the title of Mr. Cincinnati Leather 2017, a care provider working in multiple groups to improve healthcare in Greater Cincinnati, and an advocate for anyone and everyone that needs a friend.

Sister Molly Mormen

Growing up gay and Mormon in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah, was difficult. My family was truly orthodox in their beliefs and I did everything I could to ensure I stayed faithful and true to the church of my youth.

After surviving multiple suicide attempts, serving a two-year Mormon mission to Montreal, and graduating from Mormon-owned Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, I decided I couldn’t hide anymore and that, truthfully, I didn’t want to live a lie for the rest of my life.

I started coming out to friends and dating my first boyfriend at 25 and eventually came out to my family after I turned 27. Being authentic and trying to find my own path and a personal sense of joy cost me most of my relationships and I ultimately lost contact with the majority of my family and the bulk of my friends.

Being a bigger guy and formerly active in the Utah bear community, I was always drawn to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and their collaboration with the leather community. The makeup, the creativity, and the mission to “Spread Joy” wherever they went always inspired me. When I learned that there were efforts to establish an Abbey of Sisters here in Cincinnati, I immediately knew I wanted to join the group and support their mission within our city.

I believe in the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. I believe in the good that active, visible members of our community can do when they unite behind worthwhile causes. And I believe that my passion, my history, and my connections within the local drag community and other GLBT resources and organizations can support the Cincinnati Sisters’ vision now and for many years to come.

With love,

Sister Molly Mormen

Cincinnati’s Original Sister Empress

Empress XXV of the ISQCCBE

Sister Melika Sparkles

Sister Melika is a transplant from a warmer climate. She hails from south Louisiana. Her background is one steeped in community service. From church involvement to regional theatre to organizing company involvement in the annual Pride parade, Sister Melika is determined to make the world sparkle…for EVERYONE! She first manifested at the end of October on All Hallows weekend, which gave this years All Saints day a much deeper meaning. Sister Melika is so looking forward to working with her Sisters to make the city of Cincinnati, the state of Ohio, the nation of America, and, ultimately the world, sparkle again!

Novice Guard Magnus

I became a guard to show my support for the Sisters and take part in activities within the community. I decided to maintain a pup aspect to my guard position as it allows me to maintain a headspace as a service pup that coincides with the nature of the sisters – to be fun-loving, approachable, socially and physically active, and engaging individual while allowing me to play a protective, watchful role.

Sister Lustee Raw’ket

Sister Lustee Raw’ket is a Boss Hog professional top who has his fingers in all the pies and who likes hairy men while getting blown in the rain. She has provided countless hand jobs to the unfortunate and single-handedly brought the gonaherpasyphaclap back to Cincinnati. When she isn’t the president of the Gay & Lesbian Community Center, President of the River City Softball league, or Co-Chair of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, you can find her being a human lap bucket for his cat and emotional support for his dog. The way to his heart is fried chicken and low carb lube.

Novice Sister Kara Mel’Delight

“Little Latin boy in drag, why are you crying?”

Hi there! My name is Kara Mel’Delight and where I may not be latin, this little boy did do a little drag and had a few tears to get into this habit (the tears were from the fortress of pins). The start of my journey within the Sisterhood started simply, a friend asked if I was interested and of course, as most men who aren’t used to pushing their own boundaries said, “maybe.” As you see, that “maybe” turned into a “HELL YEAH,” which actualy took place after my first night out as Kara Mel’Delight. My fellow Sisters not only greeted me endearingly, but encouraged me to express myself in every creative way that I didn’t give myself previously. This alone was enough to hook me into a new set of heels and a color pallet, but there has been so much more to promote this newfound culture…

Growing up as a little mixed gay boy in a town known only for its prison that’s hidden within country cornfields sounds a bit like Deliverance. Luckily, I had a stigmatized black 21-year Army Officer father with undoubtedly untreated psychological issues to set me “straight.” Normal was a term often used in my home, growing up. Not understanding what someone else’s definition of who I should be, or how I should act left me with far more tears than I, or my mother, deserved. My step-mother has always been my hero. Not only shielding me from the abuse of a parent, but showing me just how perfectly acceptable it is to be exactly who I am. No matter how different. Love is love. You don’t need anyone else’s definition of it to feel complete. For 18 traumatic years, fear and seclusion ran my life. Near permanently distorted views of family and interpersonal relationships and the idea that everyone was going to hurt me and there was nothing I could do about it… When it was time for college I was able to escape and be arond others who understood the same love that my mother expressed. Many more tears were shead over time realizing just how right my mom was, and that it is completely okay with being exactly who you are. Fear is a powerful tool, but you can’t let it keep your heart captive. You must love yourself freely to face your fears boldly and tell them (per my mother), “FUCK YOU,” you never know where you may end up, but that’s part of the journey. That is the excitement, the love, the lesson.

Maybe brought me to my new family. “Why not?” allowed me to question my own stigmas so I could express new thoughts and ideas. “Yes” lets me hold hands with those I can now call friends and Sisters. The more I learn what it means to be a Sister, the more I seem to flourish. I have finally found my tribe whose hearts match my own. We stand up for those who have been hurt, who cry in fear, who need a hand or shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen. We seek to be everything that we didn’t have and needed for those who are still too afraid to do it alone. Becoming a Sister has made me a stronger and even more compassionate individual. I feel as though I’ve grown more in the past few months of starting this journey than I have in years. I don’t have to be afraid of not being something I know isn’t me. I can encourage others to have the same strength. Even if that may be in heels and a dress, painted face and habit, lipstick and eyebrows on fleek for days. With all the creass of a navy ship of seamen and demented humor that makes the pill bottles pop that much harder, the Sisters allow Kara to make me the best version of myself that I never could have imagined without them. And I am so thankful and proud of that.

With utmost love, encouragement and grace (in heels),


Sister Charity Balls

Sister Charity Balls is a queer, leatherman, geek, and professional big spoon. He enjoys long walks on the beach, no-bake cookies, getting caught in the rain, boxed wine, and Keto.

Early on in his adventure she discovered his love of serving the leather community through bootblacking. Earning the title Ohio Bootblack 2014, Charity (Zach) has spent the last four years traveling the country spreading bootblack love and education through practicing his craft at contests and teaching events, and other “shine-anigans” he gets himself into.

He is a Board member of the Titans of the Midwest, which helps facilitate kink education and community building events, in an inclusive spirit, all across the Midwest. He is also an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club and an associate member of the Kentucky Leather Brotherhood.

Residing in Cincinnati for the last 10 years, Sister Charity, by day, is an IT Professional (another bear working in IT, am I right?). He looks forward to spreading joy and love throughout the city that has adopted him, and hopes to give back to a community that has embraced him.

Sister Anna Mae Ceres

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Spirit Animal: Jigglypuff

House Affiliation: Ravenclaw


Born and raised in Central and Northern Kentucky, I finally made the move across the river to Cincinnati in the summer of 2013, and have loved it ever since.  I studied Music Education in college, but have found a different calling now after seven years.

My Sistory began through the Derby City Sisters a few years ago.  I quickly became friends with a number of the Sisters, and also a few from the Rock and Roll City Sisters.  The Sisters have always been a joy to be around, and as someone who typically melts into the shadows but who also loves to cosplay, this was a way that I felt that I could bring myself forward and be a force for good in the community.

To me, being a Sister is about spreading joy and happiness to everyone.  Cincinnati is a very diverse community, and one that’s had its ups and downs for some time.  For me, being a sister is about being a positive force in a city that too often gets caught up in negativity. It’s about building close relationships with other organizations in our community, and it’s to help raise money for those in need.  I am committed to fight the stigma that is HIV and to spread the message that you can be who you want to be, love who you want to love, and that we do not need to live with the constant burden of stmatic guilt!

Anna Mae Ceres was born out of my love for Japanese animation.  I am by far no expert in the matter, but I do love the way it is drawn.  I am a huge nerd and geek – from video games, to anime, and even the occasional Renaissance reenactment, I love to have fun with friends and loved ones.  Finally, I love to sing and love to perform (although this is rather recent as Anna Mae loves to be on stage)!

General Meeting 9/7/16

Minutes 090716

September 7, 2016 Minutes

Sisters and Guard in Attendance

Anna Mae Ceres, Tonkabelle, Punzarda Lois Formawit (now Brother Butch Please), Guard Tuxedo Mask4Masc, Charity Balls, Shay D’Arcade, Magnus, Shitty Kitty,

Anna Mae met with Sr Faegala and Sr Unity through skype.

  • Go out and have fun this is the time to find yourselves as a house.
  • Be creative, push your boundaries and find yourself
  • Find your own style as a Sister
  • Don’t take things too seriously.


  • A brief Sistory was given to the attending Sisters  giving information on the begins of the Order.

House name

  • Discussion was brought up about what our house name should be called.  Here were the ideas that were brought forth.
    • Pig City Sisters (after the Flying Pig Marathon
    • Piggy City Sisters (just a variation)
    • The Cincinnati Sisters
    • Abbey of the Flying Pig
  • Discussion was brought up about how a sisters group tried to form in 2012 but never really took off.  The name that they used was The Cincinnati Sisters, and some thought it was a good idea to reuse that name as some principle ground work had already been laid.
  • House name voting tabled to next meeting.

Pride Night @ King’s Island

  • This friday night (9/9/16)
  • 1st major public manifestation
  • who all is going.
  • We would like to have at least 6 people in face
  • Greet people as they enter the park
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun.
  • Bring Joy

Making your Coronet 101:

  • We decided to start off using the traditional Berlin style habit as it is one of the very common habits, and frankly easy habit to put together.
  • Materials Needed: 36 C Bra, two pairs of socks, 2 yards of a white fabric, headband.  Ornamentations as desired.

General Meeting 9/29/16

Minutes 092916

Minutes Sept. 29, 2016

Sisters and Guard in Attendance: Anna Mae Ceres, Shitty Kitty, Tonkabelle, Mimi Redbottom,Charity Balls, Tuxedo Mask4Masc, Kathy Terbag, Anna Bolic (Brother Butch Please) [Phone in], Magnus [Phone in]

Old Business:


  • Majority decided that our main house name would be The Cincinnati Sisters.
  • Discussion was brought up that we did not technically vote on this.
  • Motion was made, vote taken, approved The Cincinnati Sisters.
  • Discussion was made about ideas for the Abbey name.
    • Abbey of the Pig Queens
    • Abbey of the Flying Bacon
    • Abbey of the Aerial Swine
    • Abbey of the Immaculate 4-Way (after Cincinnati Chili)
  • A facebook poll (later in the week) showed that a majority wanted to go with Abbey of the Immaculate 4-Way.

Court Coronation

  • Weds night: Kickoff at Rose’s Bar Oct. 5
  • Thurs night: In town show @ the Cabaret Oct 6, 8 pm
  • Fri night: Out of Town show @ the Westin Hotel Oct 7, 8pm
  • Sat day:  Hospitality @ the Westin.
    • Bartend and Mingle
    • Monies raised will go to the Sisters
    • Bartend: Anna Bolic, Charity Balls, Kathy Terbag
    • Mingle: Tonkabelle, Mimi Redbottom, Anna Mae
  • Sat night: Court Coronation @ the Westin
    • Cocktails 5pm
    • Dinner 6pm
    • Event 7pm
    • table is $500 or $62.50/per pers for 8
    • Question asked about only coming to the Event portion.
    • Shitty Kitty would talk to her contacts within the Court System.

Mr. Cincinnati Leather

  • Double duty night.  Court and Mr. Cincy.
  • Randy would like the Sisters to perform
    • Anna Mae is willing to perform

General Meeting 10/13/16

Minutes 101316

Oct. 13, 2016 meeting minutes

Attendance: Anna Mae, Sheneda, Kara, Shay, Shitty, Magnus, Butch, Tonkabelle, Ophelia, Mimi


Old Business:

  • Columbus Project Nunway: Nov. 18
  • Tristate Leather Weekend: Nov. 19
  • Palm Springs trip: Oct. 31
  • Cigar Social: Oct. 22
  • Queen City Leather: Dec.3

Board Nominees:

  • President: Bryan
  • VP: Tonka
  • Secretary: Tugger
  • Treasurer: Jaquelyn

Vote to make the house name “The Cincinnati Sisters: Abbey of the Immaculate 4-Way

Vote carried

Mission Primer: Tonka went over the Mission Primer that was sent to us by Sister Faegala.  Faegala and Unity stated that we were making good progress.

Squeaky Penis introduced.

Manifesting for the first time: wear what you want and feel comfortable, as long as your veil remains while.

Facebook involvement:  We need more involvement on the facebook page.  When an event is created please try to do your best to reply whether or not you can come.

Let’s try to plan some outside of face events for us to do soon.

Vote to end meeting

Vote Carried.

General Meeting 11/3/16

Minutes 110316

Meeting Minutes Cincinnati sister house 6:58 pm, 11/3/16 Brian’s house Present: Tonka, Brian, Les, Zach, Dorian, Bolt, Seth, Tugger, Jerret, Jacquelyn Called to order: 7:05pm

OLD BUSINESS: Novice colors all white-no colors until professed.


need 6 constant members, interact more online in the group (WERE WATCHING YO ASSES!)

RSVP to events in the group so we can be specific.

working on a phone list for points of contact.

current contact is Bryan Patrick (Anna Mae)

Have funnnnnnn!

the cabaret gave us a table discount, use it in face though!

Les is a new nomination for treasurer! (yas queen!)

suggested to change the names of office roles to make them seem more fun ex: president- mother superior, madam commander ect…. discussed spreading out tasks to multiple people to not drown others in a lot of duties.

A core board is not required to be approved for mission status and was tabled to be put on hold until we are a mission house: motion to table approved

Rotating point of contact for Sister manifestations for events we attend (event host “the pussy wrangler”)

to be involved you have to participate and be involved in the progression the house.

Tugger asked for cheese. Get her cheese. *dick squeak*

new business:

The empress wants to be sure we have 3 or 4 sisters there to manifest for Queen City leather.

(Tugger got her cheese. )

went over primer for mission house application

the UNPC (united nun privy counsel) is our guide to mission status, we can’t actually say were a Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence or SPI due to copyright until we are mission status (OOPS!)

until then use things like “Cincinnati sisters” just don’t add “of perpetual indulgence”.

two options for mission status-

Fast route: have a running site and everything ready by the 10th of November 2016

Slow pace: would be by December of 2016

mission status primer:


2 discover the best ways to manifest your sister side that you’re happiest with! enjoy the creativity,

3 Get to know yourself, why do you personally wish to do this? communication is key! But what do we want our main ministry to be? Try building personal relationships outside the bars.

4 what to work on to prep for mission status: we’re passing those qualifications (yay!) (Seth wanted cheese)

house broaches to signify us? Ideas?

Argued about waffle fries. we really did. Some days somebody gonna make you wanna gobble up a waffle fry.

tonka loves hate nuggets. mmmm hate.

Dorian was our food boy (love you, mean it)

start thinking of charities to help and donate time to.

start thinking of our own habit ideas, currently using the Berlin habit. get crazy with it! (not required for mission status)

get crazy with your ideas for coronets!

White face: Motion made to allow sisters to Mish face (not wearing white face)

Motion- to allow sisters to make the choice to white face or normal face- Motion Carried

experiment, see how it feels! If you go without white face make it known you’re a sister, wear a veil, or a broach that signifies you’re a Sister.

*dick squeak* (STEVEEEEEEEN!) (Seth got his cheese and a cookie, GO ME!) *dick squeak*

Media, not needed for mission status but good to get going on a logo

Bryan wants to do photos of the sisters and guards in face for a project (cover photo for the group, the website) (we’re gonna have a pretty website)

motion made and carried to make Tugger add Jacquelyn on Facebook

*dick squeaks*

Bolt and Kilief are working on a logo for us (thanks sluts!)

we need something for blessings; like rubber chickens, squeaky penises, or plastic pickles.

Zach volunteered to be be head of finding stuff for that, *dick squeaks*

Bryan threw her phone because someone sent him a spider picture. :c Please stop sending her spiders!

get yourself a Sister or Guard name its essential to your sister identity.

*dick squeaks*

check the group files to find a link that has a website to help with Sister names so you don’t have the same name as someone else- will be added to group documents!

Prepping for mission:

1 describe your house- tell the UNPC who you are a team!

2 list of members- write a short FUN bio!

3 list of meetings- post minutes for all meetings and take minutes.

4 (seth got praised, GO ME!) \

5 Extras- get creative on the coronet so we can start documenting them, no pressure right now. it takes time.

6 upload- upload application for mission status. applications are usually done through PDF on a website we create

7 deadline- apply at the unpc meeting to be voted on, third Monday every month 6pm eastern.

8 conference night- we will receive instructions to join a call to be voted on for mission status. no pressure just have fun as we wait for results. when were mission we get a “Co-mom” to help us through the process. (most likely Unity and Faegala) they would love to talk and be friends!

Coordinate with Bryan to get a photo done with him (sooner the better) get a fun bio together to be sent in for the website

Motion to take the mission status application process until December- motion carried.

Manifestations to come:

Tristate leather weekend November 19th at the CAC, were doing the blessing please manifest! Contact Bryan to be apart of the blessing!

November 19th is the picture bio (seths birthday get her drunk ;p )

November 30th is the bio deadline

Tristate Leather weekend blessing- Anyone can join in, contact Bryan to be apart of it.

We have no rules on how the blessing can be done other than a time restriction. *dick squeaks* (tugger got more cheese she’s so happy)

There is a current outline for the blessing to follow, again contact Bryan for that. the theme is “Trust, respect and love” to be voted on. (Bolt stood up to read it and gave everyone life. She a dork.) *dick squeak*

Motion to do Bolts tristate leather blessing idea- Motion carried. contact Bryan to be apart of it and figure out practice. This will take some memorization.

Les brought up some really good easy to remember blessings to do at bars for individuals: they will be loaded to the group docs. (points to her! you go queen!) come up with your own! get WEIRRRDDDDD!

Project Nunway, nov 18th in Columbus: Bryan and Tonka will be headed down. Event starts at 7pm! Glam it up! if you’d like to go and manifest coordinate with them on that ASAP. (busy girls!)

Holiday sister events discussed for planning: Ugly sweater Sister party/bar crawl *dick squeaks*

Queen city leather is the first weekend of December (dec 3rd)! be there! The court would love us to manifest since we are co hosting. Tonk and bolt volunteered to Emcee it.

House rules suggestions: The ten commandments of Sisterhood! something to lead the house by to set the tone for order and how to act/represent us to the public eye. (don’t embarrass us girls!) Motion made to have commandments- Motion carried

Move for our first commandment to be a “time to go girls!” clause (better name to come) – motion carried

Les elaborated on his idea for confessionals to be done as a way to do more community outreach. Just to be a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen for people who just need someone to listen. We are NOT therapists. refer them to people who can provide professional health if needed. Spoken to Nigel at BZ to give us the cabaret once a month to do it if we choose to, To be discussed more at a later time. (Johns office is the bathroom stalls for these, she done claimed it) Les is the go to nun for this. (you go girl!) ◦

Meeting ended! Cya next time!

General Meeting 11/17/16

Minutes 111717

immaculate 4-way house meeting minutes 11/17/16

10 in attendance 

(bryan was late….in his own house)



voted to apply for mission status ind December. 

voted on tristate leather blessing.

went over the primer to be a mission house. 

tonic is a slut… 😀

went over logo design-bolt is doing that 

went over project nunway- a few girls are going 

yay sweater party! Cozy! – Seths heading that 

voted in our first house rule- don’t be a hot mess in face. if a sister says its time to go we need to scoot. 

touched on Cincinnati queen city leather- we’ve been asked to help



this weekend is Tristate leather (here in cinci) and project runway in columbus 

free tristate admission as long as you’re in sister face! (everything on friday and saturday nights) 

*dick squeak*

saturday night for the contest Bryan is the point of contact. painting at bryans house around 4:00pm (contact him for details) 

contest opens at 7:30. 

take website pictures with Bryan they are due saturday!

(this meeting is being boringgggg!)

keeps the Facebook group posts under control(?) voted to table. 

*dick squeaks*

lets be safe, ride to the contest venue together! coordinating rides at bryans while we paint.

stay in groups! BE SAFE! 

if you’re doing the blessing BE PREPARED TO GO ON STAGE! 


we need to find another way to get out important info for all members to see. ideas? Let us know in the FB group 

(Tugger wanted it to be known she likes cheese)


when in face you represent the house, think before you act and try not to make the house look negative! 


for the UNPC call to be voted as a mission house we need TWO delegates for that to represent us, everyone can attend but only the two delegates will be able to speak for it- 

voted on it to be Les and Zach as the delegates. 

commitments: you will be there contact to our house. (thats big!) 

*dick squeak* 


all arguments are to be settled with Dance Dance revolution battles. 


*dick squeak* 


tristate blessing went over and practiced (you can take the page on stage but hide it in a book so it looks better.)


 motion to adjourn meeting- Motion passed 


(very lack luster meeting….sad :p ) 


as always the meeting minutes are kept silly. 

the *dick squeak* was used for overtime the squeaky penis was used to silence the room. 

General Meeting 12/7/16

Minutes 120716

Cincinatti sister meeting 12/7/16
Attendance: Anna Mae, Butch Please, Cathee, Lustee, Peek-at-chu, Tuxedo, Charity, Tonka (via Skype), Shay, Kara, Ophelia, Mimi
Old business:
Arrive around 8:30pm please!
ONLY two sisters who are representing us can speak while on call.
(We’re gonna be drinking. Bring cheap wine.)
New business:
Bryans networking with local LGBT bars for us. Woo! Go girl!
Tillys wants to hold an event with us at the bar.
January the 8th ( name pending) Chilli or soup cool off of some kind with cigar social.
Future sister event ideas? Let’s hear them. 😀
Looking for a place to host Sister Bingo!
And drag brunch.
A google doc will be made for all memebers to put event ideas on. If it’s your idea and we do it, then you’re the head of it. (OWN IT!)
*dick squeak*
(Jarret had to leave, boo you whore)
(Rocket, bolts cat, was an atrention whore. Just like her dad!)
Trying to decide who will become a Novice once we reach mission status. (Discussing the criteria to reach novice)
Motion passed for criteria to be 1 manifestation required to be elevated to novice once we reach mission. That is subject to change as we establish rules within the house.
Think before you post online. Be mindful of whose reading it.
(Big brother is watchiinnnnggg)
The website is officially up! Check it out, Bryan worked hard.
Name tags:
Les priced out tags and gathered info.
Magnetic back, engraved 10.07$ each plus tax and shipping
Or order through Staples.
Les will head that up for us and let us know the price for them.
Name tag discussion tabled until December the 19th.
Discussed Les’s coronet design. Inspired by music hall.  (she did good!)
*dick squeak*
Meeting closed.