Minutes 120716

Cincinatti sister meeting 12/7/16
Attendance: Anna Mae, Butch Please, Cathee, Lustee, Peek-at-chu, Tuxedo, Charity, Tonka (via Skype), Shay, Kara, Ophelia, Mimi
Old business:
Arrive around 8:30pm please!
ONLY two sisters who are representing us can speak while on call.
(We’re gonna be drinking. Bring cheap wine.)
New business:
Bryans networking with local LGBT bars for us. Woo! Go girl!
Tillys wants to hold an event with us at the bar.
January the 8th ( name pending) Chilli or soup cool off of some kind with cigar social.
Future sister event ideas? Let’s hear them. 😀
Looking for a place to host Sister Bingo!
And drag brunch.
A google doc will be made for all memebers to put event ideas on. If it’s your idea and we do it, then you’re the head of it. (OWN IT!)
*dick squeak*
(Jarret had to leave, boo you whore)
(Rocket, bolts cat, was an atrention whore. Just like her dad!)
Trying to decide who will become a Novice once we reach mission status. (Discussing the criteria to reach novice)
Motion passed for criteria to be 1 manifestation required to be elevated to novice once we reach mission. That is subject to change as we establish rules within the house.
Think before you post online. Be mindful of whose reading it.
(Big brother is watchiinnnnggg)
The website is officially up! Check it out, Bryan worked hard.
Name tags:
Les priced out tags and gathered info.
Magnetic back, engraved 10.07$ each plus tax and shipping
Or order through Staples.
Les will head that up for us and let us know the price for them.
Name tag discussion tabled until December the 19th.
Discussed Les’s coronet design. Inspired by music hall.  (she did good!)
*dick squeak*
Meeting closed.